Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes by Claire Benn

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Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes by Claire Benn
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We are so excited to introduce a powerful new work by well known fiber artist Claire Benn, which will be an important resource for anyone who wants to understand Fiber Reactive Procion type dyeing better. She has authored both a new 7 hour DVD, and a 100 page workbook that goes along with it, but can be used as a resource in and of itself. Get an extra discount off list if you buy both!

Claire Benn

Fiber Reactive Dyes are a great resource for producing results that are colorfast and very washable. With a basic understanding of how things work, you will begin to see better results in your projects. For beginners who want to achieve great results from using fiber reactive dyes with both cloth (natural fibers) and other natural raw materials such as paper, reeds, caning (or even wood) as well as experienced fiber artists who want to improve their practice when working with fiber reactive dyes. Here's what's included:

Fabrics, Dyes & Ingredients for Smooth & Textured Finishes

Workshop Introduction
Cloth & Preparation for Dyeing
Ingredients for Fiber Reactive Dyeing
Bucket Dyeing: Low / High Water Immersion Dyeing
Tray Dyeing for Texture
Dyeing a Serial Gradation
Dyeing in the Washing Machine & Overdyeing
Benchwork Basics
Making Liquid and Thickened dye Paints

Explore Surface Design Techniques and Colors, Neutrals & Shades
Black Dye on White Fabric
Screen Printing
Dry Brush Technique
Mark Making
Color Exploration
Color Mixing
Secondary & Complex Colors
Black, Neutrals & Shades of Gray

Recipes, Charts and Procedures included.
18 Learning Projects!
7+ Hours Video Tutorials English Language Universal Playback / Worldwide Play
100+ Page eBook & Bench Guides
Featuring Claire Benn -- author, instructor and textile artist.



Getting the Most from your Dyes & Cloth
Claire Benn

The 100-page spiral bound Work/Study Book is the perfect companion to the "Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes" workshop. It contains all of the recipes, formulas, tips and tricks Claire highlights in the video workshop. This pre-printed version with a clear cover, spiral binding and sturdy backing is ready for use with the workshop and your fiber reactive dye projects. Concise and packed with information, it's useful on its own as well! Includes 20 Recipe and Dye Chart Cards suitable for laminating or slip into clear sheet protectors for use in wet environments.

Key Umbrella Terms
Cloth and its Preparation
Fiber Reactive Dye Ingredients
Tray Dyeing for Texture
Bucket Basics / Dyeing a Serial Gradation
Immersion dyeing with a Washing Machine
Batching Overview
Benchwork Basics
Making Chemical Water & Print Paste
Fiber Reactive Dyes as Paints
Color Mixing Guidelines / Color Recipes
Thickened Dye Paints: 10 Learning Projects
Grays and Neutrals
Mark Making: 8 Suggested Projects
Troubleshooting for Surface Design
Corresponds with note cards within the Video Tutorials

Workbook: 100 pages
(20) Recipe & Dye Chart Cards


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4 star rating
Claire Benn's instructional books and DVDs are a must have for textile artists creating their own cloth. As far as the Workbook is concerned the content is informative and well written. From a presentation perspective it's a little lacking. Compared to her other books: Tray Dyeing Breakdown Printing Screen Printing and Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination this workbook's layout and design isn't as slick and professional. There are some typos and inconsistencies with capping. It looks like it was produced in Microsoft Word. Wide measure copy and the use of a sans serif font can be difficult on the eye when trying to read. Carryover lines of copy are spaced the same as bulleted copy. This can also lead to fatigue when trying to read instructional material. The layout of her workbook does her a disservice.
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5 star rating
I bought the book and DVD and it's become my 'go-to' for both inspiration and instruction. You think you know everything there is to know about dyeing and then you watch Claire at work and realize there's always something more to learn. Every artist has their own methods and is looking for a certain result and in that regard Claire does an exceptional job at providing information that will appeal to a wide range of artists and possibilities. Well done!
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5 of 10 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
I bought the book + DVD for Claire's workshop and I can't say enough good things about them both. The book is labeled "Study Guide" so I am not sure about the 1-star reviewer here complaining it is not to be used separate from the DVD. But when you follow the DVD there are tags to each chapter and project in the Study Guide for you to pause and refer to. There really is nothing available like what Claire has produced. Very pleased with my purchase.
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4 of 8 users found this review helpful.

1 star rating
I bought just the book. I was at the store and had a different book and was persuaded that this one is better for a beginner. Maybe this book is great as a companion to the DVD but do not buy it on its own. The directions are confusing the charts are not well labeled and all of the measurements are in metrics. I can deal with metrics but all my tools are standard so I've been trying to convert everything from metrics to standard measurements then adapting to the quantities I'm dealing with and it's been a bit of a nightmare. Some of the information is good but I'm not finding it a useful experience as a whole. And I prefer my information from a book not from a DVD. I'm abandoning this book.
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3 of 7 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Best dyeing book & DVD ever! I've been scouring all wrong never using urea and mainly totally confused by all the dye recipes out there. This book makes everything so clear. Although it is geared more to dyeing fabric and my thing is dyeing warps and yarns now I understand the processes so that it will be helpful in all my dyeing. A MUST HAVE!
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