Stitch Resist Reconsidered

by Ana Lisa Hedstrom

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2 Discs - 150 minutes
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Stitch Resist Reconsidered is a course on traditional stitch resist basics and experimental use of a sewing machine and smocking pleater to create patterns and textures.

Disc One includes: Japanese hand stitched patterns with many variations. Vintage Japanese shibori is shown including similar techniques from China and Africa. There are comparisons of working on sheers, wool felt, and resist scouring of sericin from silk organzas.

Disc Two begins with a discussion of Katano hand stitched shibori through accordion pleated fabric, and continues with the use of a sewing machine to sew through folds and layers. The DVD concludes with using a smocking pleater tool to facilitate stitching, creating a series of squares for piecing, modular pleated shapes, and textured scarves. Worldwide playable - suitable for all DVD player formats. 


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I was thrilled with all the different techniques here but was a little frustrated with the lack of documentation of the full process. She'd demonstrate the beginning of a technique but not specify exactly how to do the full process i.e. whether or not or how to pull it tight before dye immersion. She did demonstrate how to pull one stitch tight but there were several that I was very unsure about because they had sections of between stitches where the thread just rested on top-- it would have been very helpful to either show it being pulled tight or show the piece already pulled tight and ready for dying. I still loved it and am really excite to try the techniques.
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This DVD contains fabulous information and great ideas for experimenting
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Just like being in a workshop with AnnaLisa face-to-face! Diana G.
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Fantastic DVD! I do dyeing with physical resists but had not done any using stitched areas. This DVD guided you thru the process. I have now bought a smocking pleater and will be playing happily after the holidays.
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