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Industrial Dyes
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USE FOR: Tub Dyeing large quantities where you just want some quick color but brilliance and longevity is not an issue

USE ON: Cotton, Rayon, Linen, Hemp, Silk, Wool, Nylon

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These dyes are meant to be used in laundries, institutions, hospitals, industrial sites or anywhere that large quantities of cotton, rayon, linen, etc. clothing (like uniforms), rags, towels, or whatever need to be colored or color coded.

The water soluble 8 oz. bags (dyes up to 50 lbs of goods) get thrown into HOT water washing machine load for 15 minutes (up to 30 minutes) and then rinsed and washed. The hotter the water you use, the better the color you will get. Wash out excess dye with Kieralon or laundry detergent and hot water. That's it! Use 1 lb. per 100 lbs. of fabric. No mess, no fuss, no brainer!

The Black dye works great for returning black clothes to their original blackness. Use with our Dharma Dye Fixative to boost color retention.

The results are not as long-term, washfast or as bright as our other dyes, but these are easy & cheap. If you want a professional good looking dye job on your clothes that will last and last, use our Dharma Fiber reactive dye for cellulose fibers (cotton, rayon, hemp, etc.) or our Acid Dyes for wool and silk.

**We also have Industrial dyes for polyester! - see the related product below. Can be combined with these dyes for natural fabrics to dye fabrics that are polyester blends darker shades. The Polyester dyes are in the same colors as these dyes.

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5 star rating
I agree with the latest review love this stuff works like a dream to re-black faded stuff and if simmered on the stove top got a great black on my white hoodie.Simple cheap quick and easy.It's only drawback is that it does fade over time but at the price it's just as easy to toss it in another wash load
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5 star rating
We were building a Halloween haunted trail for a fundraiser--on a shoestring budget. A hotel donated about 40 sheets and I needed them to be--not white. I didn't need a level color and the color didn't have to last. I just needed a lot of cheap-a$$ dye. I figured that Dharma carries everything dye so I looked and sure enough! One pound of black dye colored my 40 sheets various shades of grey--which is what I wanted.This stuff is what it is. If you want a high-quality dye job go for the acid or fiber-reactive dyes. If you just need to get some color onto somethingcheap this stuff works.
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5 star rating
The dye did an excellent job. The coloring for the large amount of material was even. Clean up was easy with no mess. Best of all the project was completed at a very reasonable cost.
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5 star rating
I use the black dye to blacken all my black faded clothing every few months.
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1 star rating
I bought this dye to darken up my faded black 0 cotton cloths. It did nothing. Even after using twice as much as recommended and allowing the cloths to sit for over a hour in the dye...they still didn't darken up. In fact I think after washing them in hot water for the pre-dyeing preparation they look more faded now then they did before.
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