Glossary Definitions for Words beginning with "H"

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The quality of a fabric or yarn based on roughness, smoothness, thickness, pliability or stretch-ability. Also a term for the way a paint feels to the hand of fabric. Thick paints can have a "heavy hand" and thin paints can have a "light hand". Paints with less "hand" are more desirable.

Hand Paint
To hand paint is to use a paintbrush when painting something, also called free-hand painting.

Harmonious Colors
Colors next to each other on the color wheel. Red and Orange, Orange and Yellow, Yellow and Green, Green and Blue, Blue and Purple, Purple and Red.

Heat setting is necessary with most Fabric Paints to lock the color into the fibers so it's washable. (Paint must be thoroughly dry!) There are a few different methods. Ironing is a major home option. Preheat the iron at the maximum temperature safe for the fabric. Most paints say to iron each spot for 2-3 minutes. Using Aluminum foil can cut back on this time. Place aluminum foil on the ironing board with the shiny side up. Put the fabric over that with the painted face down. Place another sheet of foil on top, shiny side down. Each square foot must be pressed for 15-25 seconds keeping the iron moving so as to not scorch the fabric. (Inexpensive plastic irons sometimes don't get hot enough). A commercial dryer that reaches 250 degrees minimum can be used for 30-45 minutes depending on the fabric and fabric paint used. The dryer must be preheated and please note that home dryers usually don't get hot enough. Another method is using a commercial conveyor type oven: 350* for 3 minutes, 2 passes if necessary. A home oven can be safely used (except for accessories that have plastic inserts!), 250* for 25 min. Coil the fabric in a loose roll and lay it on some paper, not allowing the fabric to touch the side or rack of the oven. All temperatures and amounts of times are dependent on the fabric, fabric paint, amount of coverage and equipment used. TEST! To eliminate heatsetting, try Versatex's No Heat Fixative! Works with most brands of fabric paints.

Heat Transfer Printing
A fabric printing technique where a printed design is transferred from paper to fabric using heat and pressure.

The tough, coarse fiber of the cannabis plant. Hemp is a natural fiber that dyes and acts very much like cotton. It wears practically forever. Procion Fiber Reactive dyes work best with hemp - Acid dyes will just lightly stain it.

A broken twill weave consisting of vertical sections which Alternate to the right and left (in V's). It's also called a chevron weave.

Homemade Steamer
It is much cheaper to make a homemade steamer than to buy one, look under the how-to section for instructions on how to make one of these. They work fine for small pieces/quantities of silk.

Originally this coarse fabric was used as a bag by hop growers. It is loosely woven of cotton or wool and is used in clothing.

Household Dye
Certain Dyes for multipurpose uses and on various fibers. Also known as All-purpose dye, Union dye and Direct dye.

Is one of the three measurable properties in a color, hue being the name of a color. The other two properties are value and intensity.

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