Glossary Definitions for Words beginning with "M"

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Man-Made Fabrics
Made from synthesized chemical polymers (polyester, nylon) or modified transformed natural polymers (rayon).

Magic Batik Resist
Use this product instead of wax for batik, it works the opposite of wax by turning solid when it is hot and a liquid when it is cold. It is great for doing batik with dyes that require hot water. Poor it on the fabric and then put in hot water to make solid, afterwards place in cold water to wash it out.

Magic Transfer Paper
Developed in Germany in 1988, this paper already has thousands of professional users. It works very well and is easy to use. Just make a color copy of your photo or image; don't forget to reverse the image if there is text! You can copy several photos onto the same sheet of paper if there is room. Next, iron the paper face down onto the shirt, and remove the paper backing. Thereafter, you can machine wash, inside out, gently. Don't dry-clean. Great idea for kids' shirts, pillows, costumes, promotions, fundraisers, you name it. T-shirt shops with heat presses will find this to be a fast and profitable way to do custom transfers of customers' photos while they wait.

The idea is that you float fabric paints on the surface of a thick liquid that you prepare (called "Size"), kind of like oil on water. The floating paints can be swirled and mixed into patterns. When you lay a treated shirt, piece of fabric or paper down on top of the paint, the paint adheres to the fabric exactly where it touches. The swirl patterns of colored paint are transferred to the shirt or fabric. Each design is unique and can never be repeated. As a technique, it's both easy and hard. It's easy to do and great safe fun for kids. It's hard in that the more you do the better results you will get and the difference between your early designs and your later designs will be very noticeable.

Marled Yarn
A yarn made of two twisted colors creating a mottled effect when woven or knit.

Metallic paints have or look like they have metal in them.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (also known as Water Softener). This chemical is used to make print mix with sodium alginate flow better. It is also added to water as a softener and to increase absorption of dye.

Matte Jersey
Fine crepe yarns are woven to create the dull flat surface of this fabric.

Melange Wool
Fibers of different shades, tones, and hues are spun to make this wool.

Cotton treated with sodium hydroxide so as to shrink the fiber and increase its luster and affinity for dye.

Is the treatment of a cellulose fabric with a strong caustic alkali, sodium hydroxide solution is often used, where the fibers are swollen and the strength, hand and dye affinity of the material is increased or modified. This method Increases luster of the fiber.

Merino Wool
A strong, high quality wool from the fleece of the merino sheep. It has elasticity and dyes well.

Methocel is used for marbling instead of Carrageenan. It works as a synthetic thickener used with water to create the medium that paints float on. Once mixed, it can last up to 4 months. It is less likely to go bad than Carrageenan in hot humid environments.

Another name for methylcellulose.

Microcrystalline Wax
A petroleum based synthetic beeswax which produces less crackle than other waxes. This is mixed with paraffin to soften it for batik. Also known as sticky wax.

A resilient fiber which is finer than silk, lightweight and breathable.

When color spreads away from the application area.

Highly concentrated liquid textile softener, which restores the soft feel (hand), that dyeing sometimes removes. Also prevents needle cutting on cotton knits. Much more concentrated than conventional fabric softeners. After dyeing, washing and rinsing add 1/4 cup to a washing machine load, (or 1 teaspoon per gallon). Wash 10 minutes in hottest water and rinse in warm water.

mm stands for Momme, a Japanese method of measuring the weight of silk. 1 mm is approximately 3.6 grams per square yard. The higher the mm number, the heavier the silk.

Modal Fiber
A trademarked brand of rayon which absorbs less moisture. They have a great ability to retain shape and a high breaking strength.

Mohair Fiber
Hair from the long silky wool of the Angora goat. It is often used for plush and durable upholstery fabric. Mohair should not be confused with the fur from the Angora rabbit, which is called Angora Wool.

Moire Base Cloth
A faille cloth with a finish made with engraved rollers which create crushed and uncrushed areas, called "Water-Marked."

Momme is a Japanese method of measuring the weight of silk. 1 mm is approximately 3.6 grams per square yard. The higher the mm number, the heavier the silk. It is abbreviated as mm.

A modified starch gum used to mixed with household bleach, It is used as a thickener for discharge color printing with bleach.

Art containing different values and intensities of only a single hue (color).

A single continuous strand of a manufactured fiber.

A chemical substance such as tannic acid, that fixes dyes to cells, tissues, or textiles or other materials. It is commonly a metal salt.

The theme or dominant recurring visual element in an artistic composition.

Mummy is a common miss spelling of the word Momme.

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