Glossary Definitions for Words beginning with "R"

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Rainbow Dye
In this technique the colors are applied randomly onto the fabric and fixed without stirring.

A shirt design where the sleeve piece extends to the neck like the pattern used on traditional two-color baseball shirts.

Ramie Base Fiber
A fabric from the ramie plant that is similar to flax but more brittle. Used mostly for table linen.

A regenerated viscous cellulosic fiber made from wood chips or the short fibers left on the cotton seeds. Procion Fiber Reactive dyes work best with Rayon - Acid dyes will just lightly stain it.

Reactive Dye
Dyes that become part of the fiber and have excellent washfastness.

Repp Plain Weave
A fabric with narrow ribs along the width.

By using a color recipe a color can be reproduced accurately.

Reducing Agent
A chemical substance that removes the color from dyes by removing oxygen.

A material used as the binder in coatings that can be translucent, transparent, solid or semi-solid. Examples: acrylic, alkyd, copal ester, epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, silicone.

Used to make lines and distinct shapes in the serti technique and anything used to prevent the dye from flowing beyond it. There are many varieties and each has their own properties and instructions.

Colors that are reversible will bleed back into the dyebath during the second dye run. It is necessary to use non-reversible dyes for overdyeing and double-dyeing.

A fabric which avoids tearing with its intervals of double thread.

A natural resin is obtained from living pine trees or dead tree stumps and knots.

RTD (ready to dye)
Has no starches, sizing or finishes that might interfere with dyeing. Unlike PFD it may or may not be cut oversize, may or may not be sewn with cotton thread, and is usually optically whitened, making it a bright white color that glows under blacklight. Preferred for tie dye and/or batik, because the background will be more white with better contrast to the colors.

A puckering of the fabric created by rows of elastic on the backside.

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