Glossary Definitions for Words beginning with "E"

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Earth Pigments
Pigments obtained from the earth such as barytes, ocher, chalk and graphite.

Earth Tones
Natural colors, such as burnt sienna or maize.

A material's ability to stretch or expand and resume former shape; flexibility. Fabric mixes that contain Lycra (r) are very elastic.

Electric Steamer
All silk dyes when painted on, even those that can be fixed chemically do better with steam. Steamed colors are more vibrant, more brilliant and more permanent. If you're doing one of two scarves, you can get by with a homemade steamer - see "Homemade steamer". But if you do larger quantities, long yardage or large numbers of scarves, then a steamer can quickly pay for itself in efficiency and time saved.

The process of producing raised designs in relief on a fabric. A "puff medium" such as setacolor's can be added to fabric paints so they will become raised when heated with an iron.

Machine or hand-done fancy needlework using colored yarn, embroidery floss, metallic thread, cotton, and/or silk.

Embroidery Hoops
Wooden Embroidery Hoops are a cheap & fast way to mount your silk in a stretcher system. Great for classes. They are often used in batik, Serti Silk Technique and silk painting. Great for holding your fabric for embroidery too of course!

Engineered print
A design specifically integrated onto the fabric. Also known as placed print or border print because it is often engineered into place.

A form of printing whereby an image is created by scoring a stamping plate with a carving tool. The inked plate transfers the image in reverse onto the paper or fabric.

A cut out technique, for example Fiber Etch where designs are "burned out" of the fabric using Fiber Etch liquid.

To exhaust a dyebath is to use up all its color potential.

Exhausted dye
Exhausted dye is when a dye has been used up and doesn't dye the clothes anymore, even if the dye bath still looks like it has color left in it.

Exhausting agent
Usually a salt or acid, it is added to the dye solution or bath to help push the dye deeper into the fiber.

Ingredients added to paint to increase coverage, reduce cost, achieve durability, alter appearance, control flow and other desirable properties

Eye Droppers
These come in metal and glass, they are great for batiking and mixing small amounts of silk dye. They are very useful to use with mixing cups and can be nice for marbling to apply small amounts of paint on the surface.

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