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A material made up of fibers known as cloth, used for clothing, interior purposes and various other uses.

Fabric Paint
This commonly refers to a paint that is primarily used on most fabrics, with the exception perhaps of a very slick synthetic. It tends to have a creamy consistency like that of Elmers glue which makes it ideal for painting on cloth. Pigments are mixed with a water soluble acrylic based "fabric medium" that binds the paint permanently to the fabric when properly heatset.

Fabric sewn into the inside of the garment for structure and lining purposes.

A ribbed fabric with a light luster that drapes well. Tailors use it for dresses, suits, and coats.

Faille Crepe
A double-faced fabric made with high-twist poly crepe yarns.

Ability of a dye or pigment to withstand washing, boiling, or exposure to light.

A fabric used for sewn knits such as t-shirts and other garments. It produces stripes on fabric when colored yarns are fed into the knitting machine in a certain way.

A single strand or elongated filament of any connective tissue such as wool, cotton, silk, gold, glass, rayon, etc.

Fiber Content
The type or types of fibers in any given fabric.

Fiber Etch
A design is created by applying this substance to a blended fabric. It eats cellulose fibers such as cotton, rayon, linen, and hemp. It does not eat synthetics like polyester, or proteins like silk. It will work on our rayon-silk blends (eats the rayon and leaves the silk backing) as well as the hemp-silk.

Fiber Reactive Dyes
This synthetic dye is used with natural fibers. Sometimes salt is used as well as an alkali to assist in the dyeing process. The name "fiber reactive" refers to the type of chemical bonding that occurs. In this process the dye becomes part of the fiber. It works best on cellulose fibers, but will also work on protein fibers (like silk) in an acidic, rather than alkaline environment. Procion MX dye is the only dye that works at room temperatures or in lukewarm dyebaths making it ideal for tie dye and batik on cellulose fibers such as cotton.

A fireproof fiber produced from glass and woven into flexible fabrics. Used for fiberglass wool and insulation.

The yarn running from one border to another in a woven fabric.

A decorative or functional coating or substance added to fabrics. For example, metallic or fire resistant finishes.

Fire Blocker
A layer of fabric consisting of fire resistant fibers used in upholstery.

Fire Retardant
A coating which will reduce flame spread, resist ignition when exposed to high temperature and insulate the substrate and delay damage to the substrate.

Process producing the permanent attachment of dye or colorant to fiber to insure fastness (i.e. steam setting, heat setting, batch setting, air curing).

A chemical assistant which helps the dye bond with the fiber.

Fixing describes the process of dye or paint attaching to fibers of the material. This is done in many ways such as ironing, using soda ash fixer, steaming, using a fixative, etc. Each dye and paint has its own method for fixing.

Flame Retarding
The process of spraying or immersing fabric or yarn with a fire retardant chemical treatment. The chemical blocks oxygen supply to the surface of the fabric, setting off non-burnable gases, and extinguishing the flames.

A tightly woven twill cloth heavily brushed for softness or plain weave finished by light napping. Often used in clothing and sheets. The word is derived from the Welsh language, meaning wool.

Also known as mat or matte. A surface that scatters or absorbs the light falling on it so as to be substantially free from gloss or sheen (0-15 gloss on a 60-degree gloss meter).

Flat Weave Tweeds
Tapestry and Matelasse fabrics.

A bright vivid color that glows under a black light.

This fabric was originally imported from India and popularly used for neckties and scarves. Its repetitious design is usually printed on a lightweight twill fabric.

Forced Dry
Baking the paint between room temperature and 150ø F to speed the drying process. Hair dryers or heat guns can also be used.

Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate is a discharge for silk and wool which requires steaming.

A dyestuff that will quickly fade through washing or exposure to light. Not colorfast.

Fray Check
This is a clear solution that reinforces and locks fabric threads to prevent further wear through fraying. It will not discolor or stain most fabrics. Also use it to stop runs and repair pulled threads.

French Terry
A circular knit fabric with a looped pile back and smooth face.

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