Glossary Definitions for Words beginning with "J"

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The jacquard patterns are made by the loom invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard of France. It uses a punch card similar to a piano and produces a variety of decorative designs. Some of the patterns have specific names such as brocade, damask, and tapestry.

A soft, plain-knitted fabric used for clothing with a face side that is distinctly different from the backside. This fabric was originally made of wool on the island of Jersey, England.

Jet Dyeing
A process for dyeing polyester using pressure kettles that heat the dyes to a very high temperature which forces the dye into the fabric fibers.

Jigsaw Puzzle
These puzzles are especially made to receive Inkjet or Magic transfer paper. To attach the transfer-paper simply iron it on the puzzle.

Jute Fiber
An East Indian strong coarse fiber used in mats, gunny sacks, cloth and rope.

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